Duo of soft squishy body safe handmade silicone sex toys

Feel something new with Whim - delightfully squishy for humping and grinding. Feel the perfect amount of friction and softness with Pelle's signature marshmellowy toys. 

The Whim set comes with two incredibly soft, squishy grinding toys. Perfect for adding on top of a pillow or cupping in the palm of your hand. Both pieces have a usable front and back side, giving you a wide variety of options and sensations. 

Pelle makes the worlds best sex toys for grinding - soft to the touch and the perfect amount of pressure where you need it. 

  • pillowy soft
  • external play
  • silky smooth silicone
  • handmade in USA


broad stimulation

retains body heat

extra squishy

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

These are amazing. I wish they came in a four pack

Really cool product but high price point

The only complaint I have is the price point for this toy. For a toy that is a silicone toy with no motor, it’s so expensive! $100 for two just seemed high. But it’s very high quality and it does feel quite good. I wish each toy had a slight different texture instead of the same texture throughout with different shapes. That would really give more options and maybe justify the price.

I do love the squishiness and it does diffuse the sensation throughout the entire vulva. I even liked playing with this with my husband and grinding on this on him while I went down on him.

If you like non vibrating toys and grinding this is a great purchase.


I love these sweet little pillowy clouds! The texture and density is just right for grinding. These have quickly become my go to toy.

A dream

It seems silly to say this about a sex toy, but I've been looking for the Whim my entire life. Over the years, I've longed for a squishy grinding object and have tried to create my own toys, ranging from plush rolled-up socks to those squeezable stress balls filled with water beads. (I don't recommend trying the stress ball, unless you fancy masturbating with an undercurrent of terror as you brace yourself for it to pop at any moment.) Sadly, none of them worked out. I thought I must be dysfunctional because I could never find a toy that seemed compatible with my preferences. And then I stumbled across the Whim! I placed an order so fast I almost dislocated a finger. When I received them, they were everything I had hoped. Squishy, marshmallow-y, luxurious. Simply heavenly. Lovely to look at, too. For the first time, I feel like I have a toy made just for me, which is a very special feeling even if it is a bit ridiculous to have over a sex toy. Needless to say, I'm excited to see what Pelle has in store for the future.

Absolute heaven

So, I just started my sex toys journey this year. I have ordered numerous things, mainly to find out exactly what works for me. Vibes are too strong, takes me forever to orgasm and leave my clit feeling numb. Growing up I would masturbate belly down, grinding on the bed, a sock or a pillow. That's why Pelle is perfect for me! The material is exquisite. Perfect for using belly up or down. Hands down my favorite so far. I can finally stop looking. Get Whim now!!


How to get started. Cup Ripple or Dune in your palm, add water based lube. Caress, slide, and pulse into vulva. 

Perfect for grinding. Place Ripple or Dune on pillow or comfortable surface and ride on top. 

Experiment with pressure. Start slow and find which sides and angles work for you! 

Play with temperature. Warm by placing in hot water, or pressed against the body for a few minutes to transfer heat. 


Before first use, wash with mild soap or boil to sanitize (safe to boil for three minutes). 

Wash after each use. 

Once dry, store both pieces separately in their fabric pouches. 


So, this isn't a vibrator? 

Nope! Whim was designed as an alternative to vibrating toys. Made of only 100% medical grade silicone, Whim is designed to feel extremely soft and squishy - a sensation that might remind you of a partners tongue ;) 

What is body safe silicone? 

Body safe silicone (also known as medical-grade silicone), is engineered to use in and outside of the body. It is non-porous, which means it can be fully sanitized between uses. 

Is shipping discreet? 

Yes! Your Pelle order will arrive in a plain brown cardboard box. 

Where is this made? 

All Pelle products are designed and made in NC. We are a small business specializing in making handmade products, which means we can choose production partners that align with our values. Pelle will always be committed to supporting other small business (BIPOC, LQBTQIA+, and women owned to the front!). 

products are handmade in small batches, please allow 1-3 business days before shipping estimates

all sales are final

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