Gentle stimulation for sensitive bodies. 

Handmade with the softest body-safe silicone, it delivers an unmatchable feeling against the skin. Use like a marshmallowy buffer for caressing, grinding, or with a vibrator. 

Luxuriate in your pleasure, slow down and build arousal. 

  • Incredibly squishy
  • Silky smooth silicone 
  • Handmade in USA


Customer Reviews

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Hope through Healing

After uncovering some burried trauma from my past, I realized that it had tainted the intimate interactions I had with myself. I found myself scouring the internet for something, anything that would help me learn to be gentle and loving with myself. I found pelle after hours of searching. The price is worth it. I have been able to connect with myself again thanks to this squishy toy. The customer service is next level fantastic and will answer your questions with so much compassion, the pieces themselves are beautiful too. I can not recommend them any more. If you can afford to buy both, they really are each unique. They encourage intuitive and introspective intentionality in different ways. If you can only afford one though, that's okay too, I doubt you will be disappointed. This is such a worth while investment. And in a world where we put so much pressure on ourselves to perform, this toy encourages you to take time and make space for yourself in your self led intimacy. 6/5 stars.

Yolonda Palen

Whim by Pelle

Theres Helbling
Nice feelings with Pelle

I am positive about Pelle.
I can recommend it


I had been fantasizing about these lovely squishes, these soft clouds of orgasmic goodness ever since I had touched them on display at a local sex toy shop. I kept putting off ordering them for a long time but finally ordered these and was chomping at the bit until they arrived and wow were they worth the wait ;) They feel incredible to grind or rub your clit with, you WILL become hooked. Wonderful quality and craftsmanship, easy to clean, and I can tell they will last for years. If you have been thinking of buying these, this is your sign <3

Slow build for an amazing orgasm

Just as squishy as advertised, so perfectly soft, with just enough texture. It’s great for a slow build. They fit well in my palm, and are big enough to cover and give friction to every part of me. They’re great in combination with some water based lube and even better with a little clit stimulant, too.

Side note, I would absolutely buy a stress ball version because I love the texture and soft squishiness so much.


How to get started. Cup Wave or Dune in your palm, add lube. Caress, slide, or ride on top of a pillow! 

Experiment with pressure. Start slow and find which sides and angles work for you. 

Play with temperature. Warm by placing in hot water, or pressed against the body for a few minutes to transfer heat. 


Before first use, wash with mild soap or boil to sanitize (safe to boil for three minutes). 

Wash after each use. Store in a dry place. 


So, this isn't a vibrator? 

Nope! Whim was designed as an alternative to vibrating toys. Made of only 100% medical grade silicone, Whim is designed to feel extremely soft and squishy - a sensation that might remind you of a partners tongue ;) 

What is body safe silicone? 

Body safe silicone (also known as medical-grade silicone), is engineered to use in and outside of the body. It is non-porous, which means it can be fully sanitized between uses. 

Is shipping discreet? 

Yes! Your Pelle order will arrive in a plain un-branded mailer. 

Where is this made? 

All Pelle products are designed and made in the USA. 

products are handmade in small batches, please allow 1-3 business days before shipping estimates

all sales are final

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