Flex by Pelle is an incredibly soft silicone toy for humping and grinding. The design is one sided with gentle groves for stimulation when rubbed on.

Luxuriate in your pleasure, slow down and build arousal with Flex - an incredibly soft silicone sex toy for humping and grinding. 

What does it feel like? 

Silky smooth to the touch, like a rose petal, and squishy soft to the core like a marshmallow. The squish factor of Pelle toys is what really sets us apart. Made with the softest body-safe silicone, it delivers an unmatchable feeling against the skin. 

A flat back provides you ultimate control for self-pleasure and a sturdy base for use when grinding with a partner.

Flex in a hand, showing it's palm sized. The soft squishy silicone is perfect for those who want gentle stimulation.

Customer Reviews

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A V.
Finally able to orgasm!

Following a surgery, I had been unable to orgasm for more than 15 months. The Pelle Flex changed all that. It's texture is truly sensuous and brought me to heights I'd forgotten about. Thank you Pelle!

So excited!

My skin is super sensitive so I was so happy to find something that might be gentle enough to provide stimulation without causing irritation, and I’m glad Pelle started offering the Flex at a lower price point! I really enjoy grinding sensations but even with my hand it could sometimes be too hard (and to be clear I’m not talking about skin irritation, the irritation from grinding, other toys, was deeper) and still not stimulating. This is great for all the things I like, adding to manual stimulation, grinding on things, and as a bumper for a strap-on. I love how soft it is, and it works well for me. Highly recommend if you want something gentle!

Une nouvelle sensation

Je recommande à toutde ce produit PELLE. pour moi c'est une super opportunité de retrouver comment utiliser un sex toy ET notre corps, car pelle necessite de se poser dessus et de bouger son bassin. Il faut oser si on a seulement l'habitude d'utiliser plutôt des vibromasseurs, c'est complètement différent. La sensation est extra soft. Je recommande d'utiliser une belle huile intime et de généreusement en déposer sur le pelle. Ensuite Poser vous dessus et laisser vous bouger, laissez faire votre bassin. Sans les mains c'est encore mieux. Ceci vous permettra de retrouver une part active, y compris avec un partenaire, car notre bassin est essentiel dans nos jeux d'amour, seule ou en partage.
Amusez vous les filles. Soyez généreuses avec vous même. Cet objet est un bon accompagnant vers votre connexion intime.


How to get started. Cup Flex in your palm, add water based lube. Caress, slide, and pulse into vulva. 

Perfect for grinding. Place Flex on a pillow or comfortable surface and ride on top. 

Experiment with pressure. Add your favorite vibrator with Flex in between - the soft and squishy texture broaden the sensations. 

Play with temperature. Warm by placing in hot water, or pressed against the body for a few minutes to transfer heat. 


Before first use, wash with mild soap or boil to sanitize (safe to boil for three minutes). 

Wash after each use. 

Once dry, store both pieces separately in their fabric pouches. 


So, this isn't a vibrator? 

Nope! Flex is made of only 100% body safe silicone.

What is body safe silicone? 

Body safe silicone (also known as medical-grade silicone), is engineered to use in and outside of the body. It is non-porous, which means it can be fully sanitized between uses. 

Is shipping discreet? 

Yes! Your Pelle order will arrive in a plain brown cardboard box. 

Where is this made? 

All Pelle products are designed and made by hand in the US. 

Pelle products are handmade in small batches, please allow 1-3 additional business days for arrival

all sales are final 

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