About Us

Introducing - pelle

Pelle was founded in 2018 and set out to craft a new, inclusive sex toy for people to experience pleasure without penetration or vibration.

We believe that taking time to feel yourself is good for your body, your mind, and your life. That’s why we’re creating a line of incredibly soft sex toys for users to connect with their bodies, their skin, and, naturally, their pleasure.

"Whim, was designed to create a new sensation - one that feels a little more like you."

In my sex life — both partnered and solo with sex toys — it often felt like the sensation of “pleasure” would become overwhelming. Instead of feeling good, I would flinch and back away. My body was reactive, and I wanted to settle into myself and my sense of pleasure again. So I set out to create a softer, gentler sex toy that I could explore with.

I wanted to feel connected to my body, building my arousal rather than turning away from it.

Caitlin (She/Her), Founder